Sunshine Series Race 4 – Toowoomba




SUNSHINE SERIES 2017 RIDER INFORMATION: See below for all the info! Series Discount available!

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2017 Sunshine Series Dates: 3

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Introduction XCO – Cross Country

The 2017 Sunshine Series is a combination of races held by different clubs based in southeast Queensland. Depending on the category you selected you will be racing in either the Olympic Cross Country (XCO) format or in a timed race on the same course.

In the Sunshine Series, there will be four rounds between May and August, held in various locations throughout southeast Queensland. Based on finish positions in each race, riders will accumulate points, and the rider with the most points after the four rounds is awarded the ‘Series Champion’.

Prizes are awarded to the winners of each category, and every podium place-getter will also receive Queensland Mountainbike medals for their fine efforts. Riders will also receive points based on the finishing position in their category.

There is a category for everyone to participate, to match both skill and fitness. The race is a categorised mass start around a 4-6km course. The riders will compete on a predetermined number of laps. The first rider across the finish line after completing the set number of laps is declared the winner.

2017 Sunshine Series Dates:

All Rounds will be held on Sundays in 2017

Round 1 – 14/05/17          Tyamolum Scout Camp, Mt Crosby, Kenmore

Round 2 – 11/06/17            Samford, DRCC

Round 3 – 02/07/17            Nerang, Gold Coast MTB

Round 4 – 06/08/17            Jubilee Park, Toowoomba, TMBC

XC State Championships – 1st October 2017 Mackay (MAD Mtb Club)

Note: The State Championship is not part of the Sunshine Series, however all riders are encouraged to participate in the state champs as well.

Timetable –Sunshine Series 2017

6:30            Registration (opens)

6:30-7:45 Course practice (not compulsory)

8:00 Junior U13 Boys/Girls, Kids U11 Boys/Girls

8:45  U17 Men, U15 Boys, Sport Men

10:00 Open Women, Sport Women, U17 Women, U15 Women, Veteran Women

11:15 Veteran Men, Masters Men, Super Masters Men

12:30 Elite Men/Women, Junior U19 M, Open Men

Always check with event volunteers if there are any changes to the above on race day. Remain close to the start area at least 10mins before your allocated start time.


  • Each participant must hold a valid MTBA license and bring this to each event. See below for further details on MTBA membership. E
  • Entry is available via pre-registration and registration on the day. Online registration will be via and will close at midnight on the Friday prior to racing . You will be able to enter single events and also multiple rounds in one entry transaction.Offline registration will only be available on the day. However the individual must bring their MTBA race license or a day membership will be charged in addition to the on the day entry fee.
  • You can still enter on the day of the race, however entry closes one hour prior to your race start and an additional $15 administration fee is payable at the time of registration.
  • Registration fees to an event that is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. extreme weather) will be transferred to the registration of the revised event date. A refund may be granted upon request only.
  • If you have registered and cannot attend, unfortunately, a refund cannot be granted.

Series Entry Discounts!

There is a series entry discount in 2017.

2017Sunshine Series Entry Fees Entry Fee           Series
Elite Men $45 $160
Elite Women $45 $160
Open Men/Women $45 $160
Veteran Women (30+) $45 $160
Veteran Men (30-39) $45 $160
Master Men (40-49) $45 $160
Super Master Men (50+) $45 $160
Sport Men $45 $160
Sport Women $45 $160
Junior U19 $40 $140
Junior U17 $25 $80
Junior U15 $25 $80
Junior U13 $10  $40 (no discount)
Kids U11 $10  $40 (no discount)

Online entry available via

MTBA license must be current at date of final event entered, or rider will need to pay applicable licence fees.

‘On-the-day’ entry accepted, however no discounts are granted. An extra $15 admin fee applies, payable on day.


In 2017, the Sunshine Series has a number of different categories to suit most age, fitness and skill levels.

The race and lap times/number below are approximate only and TBA

Category Race Time (approx) Lap number (approx)
Elite Men Target 1:30 6-7 Laps
Elite Women Target 1:30 4-5 Laps
Open Men Target 1:30 4-5 Laps
Junior U19 M Target 1:30 4 Laps
Veteran Men Target 1:00  3-4 Laps
Masters Men Target 1:00  3-4laps
Super Master Men Target 1:00  3-4laps
Veteran Women Target 0:45 2-3laps
Sport Women Target 0:45  2-3laps
Sport Men Target 0:45  2-3laps
Junior U17 M/F Target 0:45  3laps
Junior U15 M/F Target 0:35  2 laps
Junior U13 B/G Timed Race 20min n/a (Shortened Course)
Kids U11 B/G Timed Race 15min n/a (Shortened Course)
 Open Women  Target 1:00  2-3 laps

Categories Explained

Elite Men / Women

This is the highest level of XC racing in Queensland. You would probably do a fair bit of training and racing if you race this category. No age restrictions.

Open Men / Women

This is the perfect category for the regulars on the race scene, racers from other disciplines, newbies to MTB racing and/or anyone who carries a medium or high level of fitness. No age restrictions.

Veteran Men

(30-39yrs). This category is for the regulars on the race scene, racers from other disciplines, and/or anyone who carries a medium or high level of fitness. Age restrictions.



Veteran Women

(30+ yrs). This category is for the regulars on the race scene, racers from other disciplines, and/or anyone who carries a medium or high level of fitness. Age restrictions.

Masters Men

(40+yrs). This category is for the regulars on the race scene, racers from other disciplines, and/or anyone who carries a medium or high level of fitness. Age restrictions.

Super Masters Men

(50+yrs). This category is for the regulars on the race scene, racers from other disciplines, and/or anyone who carries a medium or high level of fitness. Age restrictions.

Sport Men / Women

This is a great entry point to XC racing for riders who are new to the sport and/or have a low to medium level of fitness. Give it a try! No age restrictions. If you have racing experience, consider another category.

Junior – U19 Men

For juniors aged 18 or under wishing to race at the highest junior level. This is the best category for juniors aspiring to greatness in MTB racing! (Rider must be aged 15-18 as at 31/12/17 to race this category). U19 Juniors who are experienced MTBers are eligible to race the Elite Men’s category.

Junior – U17 Men / Women

For juniors aged 16 or under who may ride a few times per week, have probably done a few races, and are out there to have a bunch of fun. (Rider must be aged 13-16 as at 31/12/17 to race this category). U17 Juniors who are experienced MTBers are eligible to race the Junior U19 category or Sport Categories.

Junior – U15 Men / Women

For juniors aged 14 or under who ride a little bit each week, and may be new to racing XC. This is a great starting point for the already cycling-familiar, and a great step up for the experienced younger junior racer. (Rider must be aged 11-14 as at 31/12/17 to race this category) U15 Juniors who are experienced MTBers are eligible to race the Junior U17 category.

Junior – U13 Boys / Girls

For juniors aged 12 or under who may be new to MTB riding or racing, and would like to give it a try. (Rider must be aged 9-12 as at 31/12/17 to race this category). U13 Juniors who are experienced MTBers are eligible to race the Junior U15 category.

Kids (U11) Boys / Girls

U11s only – For the kids who want to have a ‘red-hot-go’ at mountain bike racing on a shortened course. Ages from 0-10 are welcome! U11 Juniors who are experienced MTBers are eligible to race the Junior U13 category, enabling them to ride the full course. (Rider must be aged 10 or less as at 31/12/17 to race this category).


Number Plates

Race Numbers will be allocated according to your race category. Number plates should be fixed to the front of your bike, and be able to be clearly seen by timing staff.

In order to reduce entry fees, number plates will be re-used each round in 2017 particularly as they will include an electronic timing chip. Please ensure that you return these to registration at the end of your race.

Number plates may be ranked against your current series points tally. For round 1, these could be based on results from the 2016 series. For subsequent rounds, these will be based on the cumulative 2017 points, and the current series leader will be allocated a new plate on the day showing their awesomeness.

Race/Event Format

The race is a mass start group race. You will start with riders in your category from a common start line, and you should arrive to the start line with plenty of time before the allocated start. Start may be ‘self-seed’, or you may be ‘called up’ in ranked order depending on the numbers, and start location.

You will compete over a set number of laps of a course or time depending on your race category.

For all riders- Once the pre-determined number of laps has have been completed by the winner, any rider lapped is required to remove themselves from the course at the finish line. They will still be awarded a result.

Practice TBC

Official practice will take place between 6:30 and 7:45 on the morning of racing. Certain venues and hosting clubs may allow practice on the day prior, but you should check with the hosting club if this is possible.

You may enter the course up until the 7:45 cut-off. After this time, any rider practicing should be aware that they will be frowned upon and may even face disqualification.

Prizes/Prize Money – Per round – Sponsored by

Prize money is paid to the following categories as follows: TBC

Elite Men and Women:

All categories are eligible for Queensland Mountain Bike medals, and prizes from local, club and/or sponsors. (Top 3 for all other categories*)

Prize Money – Series Overall


Series overall awards

There will be trophies for overall placegetters

Series Points – Top 40 placegetters each round

The tallied points and results will be available during the week following racing. The points are tallied according to the final position and are as follows: If you are awarded points in more than one category (by racing in more than one category throughout the series), you will be given the greater value of points following the series conclusion, and the other points are voided.


Presentations take place as soon as possible after racing, in four time slots – 9.30am, 10:30am, 11:45am and 2:00pm!)

If you gain a podium place, please make sure you arrange to be at the presentations. It is seen to be very disrespectful to your fellow competitors if you do not make it. You can also thank your sponsors on the podium.

Event Photography


Please help grow the sport by posting your own pics to the following social media platforms

Facebook –

Instagram –QLDMTB


There will be an MTBA-accredited official in charge of racing. If you have any dispute about racing or problems on the day, please ask to speak with the commissaire or Race Director.

Equipment Requirements

Your bicycle needs to be suitably equipped for racing. This includes ensuring that you have:

  • Front and rear brakes
  • Bar plugs and/or lock-on collars – this will be inspected prior to each race.
  • You also are required to wear a helmet compliant with the Australian or equivalent international standard.
  • We also recommend the use of protective equipment, including but not limited to, full finger gloves and eyewear.


Each event will be timed by Rats Cycling Club – a small chip is attached to your race plate and it records your time each lap. This MUST be returned to the race HQ by the end of the event.

Feed Zone and Outside Assistance

For riders competing in multiple lap races, there will be a feed zone, generally located just after the Start/Finish line on each lap. You may collect or exchange drinks food and eyewear only. Other items such as tools, tubes, tires, pumps etc. may not be exchanged in the Feed Zone or anywhere else on the course. Accepting these items is considered Outside Assistance and riders doing so face disqualification.


For riders / families wishing to camp at venues prior to the day, each venue will attempt to facilitate this with a small donation of $10-20 to the hosting club or venue if applicable – payable in cash on the day.

Note – Not all venues will have camping available, and you should contact the hosting club prior to the event for confirmation.

Tent Setup / VIP Parking

Get the best available trackside positioning for your team or brand’s tent at all 4 Sunshine Series XC events for just $200 for the year! You will also get VIP parking, and a warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a great series. Contact Queensland Mountainbike for more info.




Course Markings

The course will be marked using the international standard signs as appropriate. (These may differ slightly)


Prepared (and updated 13/3/2017) by Lonnie Toia on behalf of Queensland Mountain Bike. For more detailed club regulations as provided by MTBA, please visit –, and download the 2011 Club Level Technical Regulations.

X-Country (XCO)